Watch: Red Velvet’s Joy Speaks Candidly About Being Her True Self Despite Pressure To Keep Up An “Idol-Like” Appearance


Red Velvet’s Joy shared her thoughts on her image and what it means to look like an idol.

On October 17, the singer was featured in a global campaign video for American shoe brand UGG.

Joy begins, “I heard that it was excessive when I showed my real appearance and not who I was inside of a chosen concept. I heard people say, ‘I liked you better when you looked cute.’ There was a time when I thought to myself, ‘Why do people keep wanting an idol-like appearance from me?’”

Looking into the camera, Joy stated, “But the person on stage is me, and the person off stage is also me. So to the people asking, ‘Is it okay for idols to dress like that?’ I want to say this: ‘Yes. This is me.’”

Check out the clip below:

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