Tujhse Hai Raabta October 16, 2019 Written Update: Malhar tracks the mobile phone location


In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Malhar and team tracks the mobile phone location and it is within their house.

The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Sarthak comes in Anupriya’s room and tells her that the clothes he’s wearing is of Adinath’s wedding. He tells her that  he didn’t deserve her and he probably doesn’t deserve the clothes too as they won’t fit him. Anupriya bursts out laughing. She tells him that she is pretending to marry Adinath so that she can go Solapur and surrender herself. She tells him that she’s a murderer and just then Adinath enters the room.  She tells Sarthak not to tell Kalyani as she won’t be able to bear the news. She touches Sarthak and he falls on the bed. Adinath notices a dart on Sarthak. She tries to wake him up. Malhar and Kalyani arrive at the road behind the temple. Malhar says that he doesn’t think he will come and he finds it strange that he was frightened by Asavari and Swara. Kalyani tells him that she found it strange that his basket had anklets in them. Malhar notices a mobile phone fallen on the ground. Kalyani recalls that it was the vada pav vendor’s phone. Ahir tells Asavari that they got saved because of her.

He says that if the vada pav vendor would have identified Swara then the truth would have been out. Asavari says that she had to kill the vada pav vendor else he would have told the truth. She says that the cops will never be able to track the mobile. Asavari tells that she knew the vada pav vendor and the dancer knew each other. Anupriya arrives there and tells Asavari that Sarthak is in her room. Ahir and Adinath take Sarthak out of the room. Kalyani tells Malhar it is she same mobile number which was mentioned on the receipt. She says that there was even a name mentioned on the receipt which she was not able to read. She tells Malhar that she thinks there is some correlation between the number and Anupriya agreeing to the marriage. Malhar disagrees and asks a constable to find out last dialled numbers from vada pav vendor’s number. Asavari and Ahir bury a mobile phone in a pot. Just then Malhar and Kalyani arrive there. Asavari hides her soiled hands. A constable tells Malhar that the location of the phone has been detected and that it was switched on a few days ago.

The constable tells him that the last location was of his house. Everyone is shocked to hear this. The constable gets a call and he tells Malhar that the phone has been switched on again. Malhar asks the constable to get two more constables with a tracking device. Ahir tells Asavari that if Malhar finds the phone, the truth will be out. The tracking device shows the phone is with Swara. Malhar starts looking for the phone. Malhar observes that the signal is showing of a different location. Kalyani suggests him to call on that number. Anupriya and Aao Saheb are freaking out. Atharva comes there with a phone and asks Anupriya to download a game for him. Anupriya asks him where he got the phone from. He tells her he got it from the pot near the well. Malhar calls on the number and it starts to ring. Aao Saheb gives Atharva her phone to play the game. Aao Saheb says that she identified the number to be Malhar’s. Malhar tries calling again and the phone is switched off. Malhar tells the constable to be alert and arrest anyone who is suspicious


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