Swaraj Abhiyan chief Yogendra Yadav criticises political parties | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: National president of Swaraj India Yogendra Yadav on Wednesday criticised major political parties in poll fray for promising moon to the voters but not talking on ground realities and issues thereof.
He said Swaraj India is the only party that has presented the entire action plan of ‘Haryana Model of Development’ about additional expenditure and means to generate extra revenue that would be needed to fulfill the promises being made.
Yogendra Yadav while referring to the corruption and looting of resources in the field of mining, said that additional revenue will be earned as by curbing such corruption in the mining sector and imposing more royalty. At the same time, the government expenditure incurred on unwanted activities will also be cut.
President of Swaraj India, Haryana, Rajeev Godara said that Iman Patra carries an action plan for generating jobs for 20 lakh unemployed youth of the state which will cost Rs 20,000 crore. For this, Rs 5,000 crore will be saved by plugging in unplanned spendings and also some tax will be levied on a special category to generate revenue of Rs 15,000 crore.
Godara said Swaraj India education reforms would create new employment opportunities in the state. A total of 73,000 jobs will be created in the field of education. As many as 47,000 posts of teachers will be filled in the government schools of the state. A total expenditure of Rs 43,000 crore has also been assessed on improvement in health sector. Goals for Health sector are prevention of malnutrition and anemia, reduction in maternal and child mortality and control of neonatal mortality.
Godara said that the overall action plan has been prepared to raise sufficient strength and money to enable the urban colony and villages to improve their infrastructure and facilities. The 6th Finance Commission of the state has been set to be constituted immediately, which will be given responsibility of raising more financial resources for urban bodies and panchayats.
Swaraj India state general secretary Deepak Lamba said that the party is not in to politics of opposition to protest but believes in giving alternatives. Swaraj India is offering complete employment option stating the solution of unemployment.


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