/Spring Fling

Spring Fling

^^ How about that neon green spring vibe!? Our weather here has been flip flopping between April showers and May flowers. Friday was a rainy mess, Saturday morning the sun came out (above) and Sunday the rain was back! But I will take warm rain over freezing cold any day.

On Friday night Thomas’s mom offered to babysit so we could have a date night <3

We went back to Public because it’s our new favorite spot! We like sitting at the bar, but somehow we lucked out and got one of the window tables.

A plus for being earlybirds and going to dinner at 5:30: happy hour prices! Oysters are only $1.25 before 6pm.

The Big Island Pearls are our favorites. My favorites are the ones described as buttery.

We debated and debated a dinner strategy (mixed apps, mussels and sides, two entrees, one entree + app + sides) and finally settled on the big steam pot Thomas had been craving for a few visits. He was after those snow crab legs! We shared the pot plus a side of asparagus and fries. Those crab legs were goooooood!

Somehow we left the Keys without getting a really amazing slice of key lime pie. (I had one but it had a chocolate crust – no thank you!) Luckily Public’s is amazing. Super tart!

On Saturday morning I had toast with peanut butter before heading to the gym for athletic conditioning class. ‘Twas a good one!

I’ve had such fun testing out all of my products. So far I really like everything. I took some before pictures of my skin so I can compare in a few weeks/months.

Day on the left, night on the right.

Lunch was the last of our quiche from last week (with a detached crust!) and a homemade kale salad with bacon and avocado.

Birchie and I did a lot of snuggling while Thomas and Mazen went to Scott Stadium to greet the UVA bball champions!

I also did some prep for a patio party we hosted!

We had pork tacos for dinner. (I had two! Always two.)

We had a few ACAC friends over to enjoy the spring weather on the patio. Mr. B enjoyed all of the attention!

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Mr. Mazen enjoyed staying up past bedtime and making a s’more. He’s wearing a headlamp, by the way. Such a great gadget for a kid.

On Sunday we did Sunday things: lazy breakfast, blog post writing, family time, lots of soccer, dinner.

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