‘Saaho’ faces release issues! Morning shows cancelled across many places | Hindi Movie News


Riding high on the massive pre-release buzz, Prabhas starrer action-thriller ‘Saaho‘ which hit the screens today have faced a massive setback early in the morning due to release problems. There were many show cancellations reported across the country as the prints of the film couldn’t arrive on time for the Friday morning release.

The issues emerged due to the late delivery of 2K prints which are being used by major cinema chains. As per reports, ‘Saaho’ couldn’t make it on time in several towns of Northern India. Morning shows were confirmed cancelled in several cities. The print issue seems to be more with the Hindi version of the film. The issue created big worries among the exhibitors as people who booked the morning shows came to know about the cancellation.

The issue is expected to have a major setback on the opening day collection of the film. The film has recorded a good advance. As per Boxofficeindia, the pre-sales for the Hindi version of the film were around Rs 8.50 crore but would have easily topped Rs 10 crore if the issue were not there.

Several people also took to their social media handles to report about the cancellation and express their disappointment over the delay of the content.


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