/Nutrition: Keep It Simple

Nutrition: Keep It Simple

I recently started to dip my toes back into one-on-one nutrition coaching! When I set out to become a Registered Dietitian, my goal was to help people feel their best with healthy eating, fitness, and lifestyle changes. I imagined myself meeting clients at grocery stores to talk about which products are my favorites, meeting clients for walks on a trail and talking through their nutrition questions, and sharing some of my favorite tips and recipes along the way. That dream turned into KERF. While I do hear from you guys in the comments and on social media, it’s mostly a one-way street.

So when I had a mutual friend reach out to me about in-person nutrition coaching, I started to say my usual “Thank you for asking, but I’m not set up for that right now.” Until I realized that this was actually the perfect opportunity for me to see if one-on-one coaching was still something I wanted to do!

I updated some of my materials from years ago when I did Real Food Consultations under another RD, and spent some time polishing up a Nutrition Bootcamp document that I will send to all clients. We met in the Whole Foods cafe (naturally!) and talked and talked and talked. Luckily healthy lifestyle is my favorite topic! I left the session feeling really energized, which is a good sign to me that it’s something I should be doing more of.

All this to say: I think coaching is something I’d like to get back into! I’d like to keep it lifestyle, cooking, habits based, as I don’t feel qualified at this time to take on clients with medically necessary diets. At least not in the short term. And I think sticking with local clients might be the best way to get started.

But I am curious if any of you would be interested in online coaching?

I have thought about doing online coaching for years, and many of you have emailed me asking about it. It’s a bit intimidating to get set up for something like that. However, the more I think about it, I don’t think I’d complicate things by making a bunch of different packages, promising detailed meal plans, or delivering lots of math heavy calculations. I think I’d just charge a flat rate per session and have each session be open for any and all topics based on the client’s interests. (I would do an intake form and ask for a food dairy so we’d have a foundation to jump off from.) This is all just swirling in my head for now and might never come to fruition, but I thought I’d at least mention the idea here.

Nutrition: Keep It Simple

I stumbled upon this little graphic somewhere on the internet and had to laugh out loud (especially the part about intermittent fasting.) I sent it to my client who has tried all of the diets in the world.

Nutrition can be SO confusing. But you know what my response is: keep it simple. Real food. Eating mindfully to hunger cues. A well-stocked fridge. Emphasis on VARIETY and COLORFUL foods. Adding over subtracting. And remembering that the Squiggly Line is more important than obsessing about a number on a scale.

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