Meet Shudu Gram, Micquela: Digital supermodels who could give real-life fashion influencers a run for their money


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These digital models are working with various high-end brands like YSL, Fenty, Chanel. (Designed by Nidhi Mishra/ Indian Express)

Designers are almost always on the lookout to add drama and draw style connoisseurs’ attention to their ensembles. Be it trying thrilling themes on the runway like the race track that Tommy Hilfiger brought alive at the Milan Fashion Week or getting supermodels like Gigi Hadid to flaunt their collections, they hardly leave any stone unturned to attract onlookers.

While the tried-and-tested trends and safe styles are readily taken up by models, the known faces might not be very comfortable with newer experiments. That’s when the digital supermodels walk in. Not only does it make for a refreshing sight, brands seem to love trying out experimental fashion trends with them. No, we’re not kidding. Luxury brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Prada and Kenzo have made an association with these models.

Meet the world’s first digital model, Shudu Gram — the beauty has been regularly modelling make-up trends. From Fenty’s vivid orange lip shades to YSL’s eyeliners, Gram has donned traditional African attires as well.

Another digital supermodel, who seems to be influencing the fashion world, is Miquela. The freckled beauty with bangs and Princess Leia-like side buns has been modelling for luxury-brands such as Kenzo, Prada, Balenciaga and Chanel. Amassing over a million followers on Instagram, Miquela is also a huge supporter of transgender rights and Save Black Lives.

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