Kumkum Bhagya September 20, 2019 Written Update: Rhea seeks permission for a night party


In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Purab expresses his annoyance towards Ritik visiting Disha’s house while Shahana complains about Rishi to Prachi. Later, Rhea and Priyanka take permission for a night party from Abhi.

Disha find Ritik annoying, after she learns that he had used her name to break up with his girlfriend. Ritik had a casual and cool attitude which always made Disha uncomfortable but Ritik was the only friend she had, whom she could trust, so she tolerated his harmless gestures by showing disagreement. Purab passed by Disha’s house and stopped to visit her. Ritik opens the door and Purab gets shocked to see Ritik in the house. Ritik invites Purab inside and asks him about his visit. Purab makes an excuse and tells Ritik that he wanted to discuss the marketing plan of an event his company was planning. Ritik gets a call and Disha proceeded towards the kitchen to make a cup of tea for Purab. Purab followed Disha in the kitchen and expresses his annoyance towards Ritik staying at her house. Disha tells Purab to leave if he had any issues with Ritik and Purab storms out.

Rishi comes home and bumps into Shahana. Shahana was annoyed with Rishi from the time he had come to stay with them, as he had snatched her room from her. While they were arguing, Sartita Ben comes and asks Rishi whether or not Shahana was troubling him. Rishi makes excuses and tells her that Shahana was just asking him about his day. Shahana then comes into Rishi’s room and scolds him for pretending to be nice to her in front of Sarita Ben. Rishi and Shahana argue and while Shahana found Rishi to be annoying, Rishi felt Shahana was cute. Shahana comes to her room and complains to Prachi about Rishi.

Here, Rhea and Priyanka goes to Abhi’s room to seek permission for a night party. Abhi tells the girls to enjoy themselves but refrains Priyanka from calling any boy from the organization. Rhea gets confused and questions Priyanka about the guy. Priyanka tries to ignore answering and proceeds towards her room. Earlier, Priyanka had bumped into Sarita Ben at the market place and had insulted her. Sarita Ben comes to Shahana and asks her to accompany her to the market place to back her while she punished the girl. Unaware of who she was, Prachi tells Sarita Ben to forgive the girl. Priyanka had unknowingly messed with Sarita Ben.


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