Kannada actor kicks out 4 from movie theatre for refusing to stand during National Anthem


Already there’s a heated debate going on about National Anthem. A video which ignited this debate again is from Bengaluru movie theatre showing actor Arun Gowda and a few other people shouting at a group of four for allegedly not standing up during the national anthem has gone viral.

The incident occurred on October 23 at the Bengaluru’s PVR Orion Mall during the screening of Tamil movie, Asuran. The video, being shared widely on social media, shows a bunch of moviegoers led by Gowda shaming two men and two women and calling them “Pakistani terrorists” for “not sparing 52 seconds for the country”.

“Not able to spare 52 seconds for the country, but you have the audacity to sit here and watch a three-hour movie? Are you Pakistani terrorists?” a man is heard saying on video.

Gowda was seen saying to the camera, “When the nation anthem came on, these guys didn’t stand. Look at these guys … look at their faces once again. They are telling us to file a complaint,” he says and continues shooting the video.


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