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In Vino Veritas

Instagram knows me like a BFF. No matter what I’m thinking about – nursing bras, beanies, wine – she reads my thoughts and delivers ads that target exactly what I have on the brain.

Tasting Room was advertised in my feed and after clicking through, I paid $7 for this little tasting kit to come to my house. (I should have looked for someone’s friend code to get it for free!) I have a thing for any kind of tasting – from wine to cheese to chocolate! I think it’s because when you do a tasting you really relish in the mindfulness of the experience. Plus mini bottles are so cute.

I went one by one through each wine, guided by the website, and ate crackers in between to cleanse my palate. I think I calculated that it was just over two glasses worth of wine total so you could share it with a partner too (but I didn’t want to!) I compared and contrasted the first two, middle two and last two and took an online quiz while I sipped. I think it took me over an hour to make my way through.

When you’re done, Tasting Room creates a wine profile for you. If you choose to continue, they send you a case of wines you’ll like based on your preferences. I have enough wine on hand that I postponed this shipment to the summer. (There is no obligation to order the case after your tasting.)

Apparently I like subtle sophisticated reds and fresh, zesty whites! My favorite part of the tasting was this graphic at the end which tells you what to look for on a wine menu. I do tend to ask for red wines that are fruit forward and velvety, so that makes sense!


If you want to try it too, this friend code should get you a FREE tasting box just like I did. If you do order wine after, that an affiliate link for me and a discount for you.

I want to know: what is your all-time favorite bottle of wine!!

It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but mine would have to be one of the big reds from a local vineyard here in Cville. Perhaps one from the Pippin Flight. Or the Croze Rose from King Family! (I just love that name! Did you hear they are making cans of it?!)

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