/Fashion Week

Fashion Week

^^ Mazen laid out this outfit the day before school. Note the pocket change and cell phone from 2010 he included – HAHA!

Our bushes are in full bloom – all dressed up for spring! You can find me wearing a baby a lot of the time. B and I went for a late afternoon walk to maximize our time outside. Those sunnies are by Kohv Eyewear – they sent them to me last year.


Breakfasts lately have been quite anticlimactic from the days of dressed-up oatmeal bowls. Because I’m often running at 9, I just can’t eat much! Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter is so darn good.

Power toast on a hungrier day!


Sometimes I have a post run snack, usually a leftover small smoothie or yogurt. And sometimes I jump into an early lunch.

Salad with leftover chicken, red peppers, Cava dill dressing, and pita chips for crunch.

Quiche is my Lunch of the Year! With Plenty’s grilled eggplant chopped salad and some pitas.

Last week’s quiche was roasted corn and squash, slightly sweet, and SO good! There’s more of that eggplant salad over greens with Cava dressing and pita chips on the side.


We LOVED this grilled pineapple chicken with rice and veggies from Plenty! So fun that Della is including some grilled foods in the menu.

Plenty is still the best thing that’s happened to my weeknights in years!

Baby Meals

Big boy has really taken off with solid foods. I tried mashed banana and mashed avocado and he was only so-so about them. He had some trouble with the texture and was gagging a lot, so I decided to switch to more pureed foods. We picked up a few organic purees from Whole Foods, and he LOVED those. He’s gotten so much more comfortable using his little tongue that I think we might be able to go back to mashes that I can make at home soon. He tried some baby oatmeal as well and was a fan!

Sometimes we stay in our jammies all day 🙂

Plastic bibs are the best. This one is by Bella Tunno and I love that there’s zero cloth on it. I love the silicone plates too for when it’s time for finger foods.

Shorts To Sweat In

I did some Instagram Stories last week about these shorts I got from Athleta. Ready for spring!

Printed Floral Hudsons (still on sale!) // Trekkie 4″ Shorts  // Cabo Beachside Shorties

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Face #2

I have three layers of makeup that I rotate between:

  1. Around the house / to the gym (just the basics)
  2. Looking presentable / out of the house (basics + mascara, lips, more eyes)
  3. Dressed up for a party / social (everything in my kit, which for me is still not a ton)

This was level 2! I really like how the Beautycounter makeup is very fresh and natural looking at its start but you can layer it on for a more dressed-up look if you want. I rarely want to look/feel like I’m wearing a heavy face of makeup.

And lastly, I got a Stitch Fix box!

LOVED this top – style + colors! Keep: 41 Hawthorn – Ryley Lace Up Ruffle Detail Blouse.

Also kept this floral top: Pale Sky – Yuri Textured Top. It goes nicely with my Trekkie shorts!

Debated this dress for a while! Decided to keep. Market & Spruce – Meg Knit Dress. I just loved the colors too much. If it had been a solid color I would have sent it back.

This dress I loved from the chest down…

But I just cannot do strapless bras. This would be an item I would always choose something else over for the bra reason alone.

And finally, I sent back this cardigan, which just felt a little too big and slightly nerdy…or something!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done regular fixes but I do love how unique the items they send me are! Some of my very favorite wardrobe staples have come from Stitch Fix and nearly all of my dresses have! I usually request that my boxes have “dressy tops and dresses” because those are things I don’t always find when I’m shopping in person (which I rarely do) or at Athleta – lol.

My referral code gives you $25 off your first fix if it’s been a while since you’ve shopped!

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