/Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

Oh happy day!! Easter weekend was lovely. Let me tell show you all about it!

On Friday night we had some major storms in the area. They closed school early and all of Cville was on high alert. Thankfully we didn’t have more than a heavy rain, but we were all braced for worse.

Note the background if the happy baby doesn’t distract you!

Nevertheless, we had a cozy night in. We ate up soup leftovers and watched TV shows until bedtime.

Red wine makes it extra cozy! This was one of the best wines I’ve had from Winc. It was a collab with NYT Best-selling author and anonymous poet, Atticus, whose personal interest in wine has been expressed throughout his work. He worked directly with Winc Winemaker, Ryan Zotovich, to create a custom red blend inspired by the creative processes of writing and winemaking. A direct quote: “Wine is poetry and so is life. So drink on. And live on. And write yours richly.”

On Saturday morning, the storms had passed and sunny skies were mighty!

I had a berry smoothie bowl made with banana, berries, milk, oats, and Vega.

Then I took Mazen to a birthday party at an arcade. Cue the angels singing.

I had a hair appointment just down the street, so I took my time walking over and stopped into Found Market.

I picked up a frothy tea, and pondered buying this mug. Total overthinker over here!

Post hair appointment I walked back to pick up Mazen and…

Had Barefoot Contessa’s chocolate cake before lunch. Because: yum.

When I returned home, I had a quick quiche and salad lunch…

And then Birch and I took Mazen to his soccer game to cheer him on. (Thomas was playing golf all morning, and Eileen babysat Birch for the first half!)

Mazen scored two goals, and I was totally beat when I got home after walking laps with the stroller to try to get Birch to nap on the go.

We stopped by a friend’s party next, and then we headed to Three Notch’d with the friends who were staying at our house for an early dinner.

Pretzel bites —- gaahhhhh!

Mazen and I worked on his first word search together!!

I had a salad plus one of Thomas’s three sliders for dinner.

Mazey wrote a note to the Easter bed, and T and I finally watched the new Game Of Thrones with our friends!!

Mazen had fun hunting for his Easter basket in the morning. I put a little one for Birch in his downstairs crib, and the footage of Mazen discovering it, inspecting it, and slightly altering it we caught on the baby monitor is priceless!!

The Easter Bunny also left a real egg hunt for Mazen in the front yard! Pardon him while he finishes chewing a Reese’s for breakfast!

Easter breakfast!

Thomas and I both went on runs before taking showers and dressing up for lunch out.

Flawless in Five!! L O V I N G my new make-up!

Our destination: Veritas Winery for their winemaker’s lunch! It was SO good and kid friendly too! There were so many families there, and they had kites and bubbles for the kids after the meal.

Here is the menu:

We were greeted with some bubbly at the door…

And all four courses were so good!!

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Of course the wines were amazing too!! We went with our friends the Koch’s and had such a nice time.

Big B’s first time in a high chair! I think he got the eating part down, just not that he should eating food and not his bow tie :mrgreen: He slept on Thomas in the Boba for a good hour of the meal and then was happy for the rest. We got really lucky! I nursed him on the steps outside while I watched the kids play with kites.

The forecast called for rain all week, so we were thrilled with this sky!!!

We were full all night and had a simple dinner after that. Hope you guys had a lovely weekend.

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