Drishti and Rakshit share a romantic moment


The latest episode of Divya-Drishti begins with Pishachini asking for herbal oil from Mahima.

Drishti tells Romi to not worry and that they will figure out a way to heal him.

Rakshit is trying to kill Pishachini but Drishti stops him. Drishti comes to know that Rakshit has regained his memory. Drishti asks him who is his wife. He takes her name. Everyone in the Shergill family is happy to see Rakhsit.

Rakshit apologizes to everyone for his behaviour.

Drishti asks Rakshit to not take any hasty steps. She even asks him to pretend that he is still will Pishachini. Drishti says that both Pishachini and Patali have a secret and they have to find it out.

Lord Kaal tells both Pishachini and Patali that it is a big day for Divya and Drishti tomorrow and that before the sunrise their power will be at their weakest. He tells them that it is the proper time to kill them both.

Both Rakhsit and Drishti share a romantic moment. He apologizes to Drishti for not looking after her when he had to. Drishti asks him to stop apologizing.

Drishti starts to feel a little weak and faints. Rakshit tries to understand what has happened to her.

Mahima tells Divya that she suddenly saw her fainting and asks her if she saw something. She says that she didn’t have any vision but an old memory.

Divya and Drishti tells everyone that it is their birthday tomorrow.

Divya and Drishti tells Romi that tonight is going to be very dangerous for them and decides to keep both Pishachini and Patali distracted for the entire night by playing a match of cricket.

Romi tells Divya and Drishti that Patali is a monster and she doesn’t have a heart.

Drishti and Rakshit try to find Patali’s heart in her room which ends up landing both of them in trouble.

Here, Patali and Pischachini together torture Ojaswini.


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