Chandrayaan-2: Tweet Buster: A lesson for D-Street & economy from Chandrayaan-2


NEW DELHI: Pain in equity market is showing no signs of abating. After managing to end in the green in the previous week, Dalal Street again settled lower. Another truncated week awaits market this week. While things are looking up on the global front, the economic issues at home are making the recovery a long drawn out and painful process.

And Dalal Street mavens have a host of advice for the government to make the markets look up again.

Independent expert Sandip Sabharwal said withdrawal of long-term capital gains (LTCG) can make the market go up.

Sabharwal also is of the view that companies such as Powergrid, NTPC, BHEL, BPCL can be sold at 100-150 per cent above current market prices provided the government gets serious about strategic disinvestment.

Aveek Mitra, Founder of Aveksat Financial Advisory, says the depression seems to be on its pinnacle. He quoted Howard Marks as saying: Market moves in cycles but participants’ sentiment about market move like pendulums.

Shyam Sekhar, Co-founder, iThought said that in the era before Twitter and Whatsapp, the days when markets bled, investors rarely spoke to each other and what they did was buy, but now the buzz can get maddening.

Sekhar has found a lesson in Chandrayaan-2 for market and the economy. Take a look

With gold garnering so much attention, Uday Kotak in a series of tweets discusses the need for a new gold policy. Here’s why.


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