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Birch + Fern

^^ How amazing is that first photo?! Birch and I recently had the pleasure of being models for Green Bean Baby Boutique’s spring shoot with Amy Yang Photography. Amy gave me permission to share the photos on the blog. Everything you see in the pics (except my jeans – lol) can be purchased at Green Bean – even my black Boob Designs nursing top.

Birch was accompanied by his girlfriend, Fern. Erica and I want to go into business together in the future and our business will be called Birch + Fern! LOOK at them! I bought the Magnetic Me onesie B is wearing here on the spot.

Amy did such a wonderful job capturing his little smile.

After the shoot, Erica and I went to Oat Hart Social for drinks and apps. These two stared into each other’s eyes and caught the attention of other patrons. They are life twins because they had the same due date!

Amazing oysters and arctic char with cabbage.

Mazen has been modeling – aka having his body traced on a big sheet of doctor’s office paper Nona brought over. His latest use for it: life size happy birthday cards! I’d say he looks a little bit like Frankenstein here…

Now allow me to model something for you: These are the Hudson Board Shorts from Athleta and they are THE BEST shorts for summer. Remember how last summer I lived in a few pairs of maternity shorts that were a quick dry fabric? I can’t stress how much I loved those shorts – I seriously almost kept them to wear again but the panel was just too loose on my non-pregnant body (haha). These board shorts I’ve had for two years but obviously didn’t wear them last summer. They are quick dry fabric so they’re great for sweating, and they have ZIP POCKETS which are a must for carrying around a phone.

They also have appropriately loose leg holes (yes that’s a thing!) and a tie so you can make the waist looser or tighter. Get some! I actually just ordered them in a black floral – which are on sale! I also love these (I have them in a peachy color) and I plan to buy some of the Trekkie shorts to try too because they are also lightweight quick dry fabric with zip pockets.

This is the vibe you get when you really wish your little brother could sleep in bed with you. Soon enough Mazen!

Have a great day!

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