Bigg Boss 13: Zareen Khan calls out Shefali Bagga for body-shaming Rashami Desai, personal comments against Arti Singh | tv


Shefali Bagga has been identified as the villain of this season of Bigg Boss, after comments made by her during a recent episode of the reality show. Shefali had body-shamed co-contestant Rashami Desai, and had made personal remarks about Arti Singh’s failed relationship.

Zareen, commenting on the brewing controversy, wrote on Instagram stories, “Shame! It’s sad that being a woman, and an intelligent one at that, I suppose, considering she’s a journalist, this is what she is towards other women.”


Zareen added, “She not only body-shamed Rashami Desai, but also did not hesitate to bring up Arti Singh’s personal life.” Shefali had said that she made the comments because the task demanded it. She later apologised, but not before drawing criticism online.


“ShefaliBagga said so many nasty things under the pretence of the task. She didn’t realise that this task was to show the viewers how desperate these celebs can get and how low they can go. Shefali has failed miserably,” a viewer had written on Twitter. “Girl really #ShefaliBagga u r a piece of sh*t using personal matters which you bought from outside using it in the show is very disappointing. You should be kicked out for violation. And the last line mein mean nahi kiya tha wooow,” wrote another.

Former Bigg Boss contestant, Kishwar Merchant, also posted in support of Arti. She wrote on Instagram, “You are stronger than this girl. Kal le lena uski, tujhe bhi mauka milega.”

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First Published:
Oct 06, 2019 12:28 IST


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